Visa introduced contactless payments at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in partnership with West International 


At the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Visa Europe – a global leader in payment services – carried out a huge investment in contactless payments, in partnership with West. The event fired the starting gun in Sweden for the use of contactless payments on a broad front. All card payment terminals in the event area at the Stockholm Globe and the Tele2 Arenas were delivered by West and were equipped with the technology for contactless payments. As a result, many bars, restaurants, kiosks etc. in the festival area were able to handle contactless payments from all the world’s leading card issuers. To the visitors, the technology enabled them to pay by quickly and simply passing their card across the contactless symbol on the terminal.

“Visa created a brand new contactless payment experience for the public and visitors at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.  In partnership with West, we have now taken a giant stride forward in the introduction of the contactless payments of the future in Sweden”, says Christina Lind, Head of Sweden Organization, Visa Europe.


Christina Lind, Head of Sweden Organization, Visa Europe