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Card Terminals with support for NFC

West provides future-compatible card terminal solutions that can be customised. Our very own WestInt Payment Application (WPA) is common to all card terminals and is based on the robust .NET platform for the standardised Windows CE operating system. WestInt card terminals satisfy the requirements for maximum security and are prepared for mobile payment methods of the future.

Modular, scalable software platfrom

WPA contains all the functions required to perform secure, fast card transactions. This includes modules for loading programs and parameters, transaction motor, tip management, NFC and transaction type management in the form of Purchase, Return, Scrap, Cash Back, Cash Advance, Pre-Auth and Post-registration. There are also a number of different modules with additional functionality that can be customised. Examples of modules include language support, graphical layout, connection to cash register systems, ChipXpress and various communication interfaces. WPA is based on the robust .NET platform, which means it is scalable to meet future requirements and needs.

Leading standards

Support for most standardised cash register interfaces, such as the Swedish iPos and the European standard EPAS, means that WestInt card terminals offer a universal payment platform. WestInt card terminals contain Microsoft’s standardised Windows CE operating system, one of the most tried and tested in the world.

Meed the highest security requirements

WestInt card terminals meet the highest security requirements specified by the card organisations: PCI PA-DSS, PNC E2EE, PNC SAC and BCA SEC.

Our family of card terminals includes two stationary terminals with most communication interfaces as well as a mobile terminal with support for automatic switching between WiFi and 3G, depending on availability.

Self Service

West utvecklar standardiserade lösningar för smarta betal- och transaktionstillämpningar samt lösningar för ökad säkerhet och effektivitet i kontanthantering. Självbetjäning effektiviserar beställning och betalningsflödet samt avlastar personalen. Två av tre moment överlåts till konsumenten (beställning och betalning) och handlaren kan fokusera på kundservice (utlämning).


West develops standardised solutions for smart payment and transaction applications, as well as solutions for enhanced security and efficiency in handling cash. Self service rationalises the order and payment flow, and also relieves pressure on staff. Two out of three processes are transferred to the consumer (order and payment), while the trader can focus on customer service (delivery).

We have a broad range of self-service kiosks, but can also develop customer-specific solutions. One example is the MAX hamburger chain, which is using these kiosks with success in its restaurants. The kiosk is generating increased sales and relieving staff, while speeding up the customer flow as customers place their own orders.

West has been working in partnership with Schenker since 2010. Schenker has approx. 1,600 agents in Sweden, most of which are equipped with a Servicestation®. This is a self-service terminal on which customers can book their own package deliveries and perform basic financial services. The Servicestation® gives the Schenker agent opportunities for increased service revenues and more customers in the store.

Centre® is a self-service concept that enables traders, e.g. in sparsely populated areas, to offer basic financial services such as cash withdrawals and deposits in their store. Centre® essentially means that cash is reused at the location, which is environmentally smart, secure and cost-efficient for all concerned. Centre® is being developed in collaboration with the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency and a number of County Administrative Boards.

POS and Retail systems

Cash register systems consist of cash registers, control units, hand-held terminals, receipt printers, etc. and associated services. West sells solutions via agents to retail chains, hotels and restaurants.

West’s strategy for the cash register systems product area is to offer leading components and products from the very best manufacturers in the world and to integrate these to create total solutions themselves or together with partners.

Since 2012, we have been collaborating with Jarltech, one of the leading distributors of cash register equipment and Auto-ID in the European market. This partnership enables us to offer a very broad range combined with speedy deliveries.

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