Article origin: Resumé
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Max beats record at Way Out West – selling 15 burgers a minute

 The hamburger chain’s green festival venture is a success. A new hourly sales record was set – and the chain is now increasing the number of express check-outs. 

In May, it was decided that Max would be opening a 100% vegetarian restaurant at the summer’s Way Out West festival to market its new range of veggie burgers. The venture is already a success. On the first day, Max was selling 15 burgers a minute, a new hourly record for the company as a whole. 

“What a brilliant reception we got from the festival-goers in Gothenburg. We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the first day, neither with the excellent atmosphere nor our sales”, comments Max’s Head of Sweden Organization Christoffer Bergfors. To deal with the huge flow of customers, the company is now to increase the number of express check-outs from 12 to 17. Most popular were the halloumi burger and the vegan burger BBQ Sandwich. 

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